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Maryna (Private) Limited with their Associates & related companies have been providing financial services to their global based clients, in the areas of Project funding, Financing and International Trade Consultancy for last thirty-five (35) years.

As you know selecting a lender for a major business, Construction, Land Development, import/export interim funding and/or Power project is an extremely important decision. You want an experienced top financial institution that is big enough to serve all your needs yet can also provide straight forward individual attention and take the necessary time to deal with the specifics of your projects in order to really help you build grow and expand.

Acting as part of an International Financial Consortium that engages in large scale project finance, Maryna (Private) Limited & Associates can offer you private lending services, with client centered philosophy and a level of accessibility.

Financing Maryna
Backed with a USD 111 Billion fund, our global capabilities allow us to quickly arrange all project financing needs – whether for major business enterprises, World governments or high net worth individuals you will benefit from our extensive worldwide abilities that allow us to arrange funding for all feasible projects such as:

The Projects

1. Arena & recreational facilities funding
2. Business & commercial project lending
3. Construction & Development Loans
4. Hospital & Health care Funding
5. Land development mega projects
6. Hotel development financing
7. Infrastructure project Financing, i.e. Roads & Highways etc.
8. High -tech & Internet Loans
9. Mining project funding
10. Motion Picture Financing
11. Import/Export Interim Finance
12. Ocean Vessel & air craft Construction Financing
13. Oil & Gas Development Funding
14. Power plant Development Financing
15. Real Estate Development Loans
16. Resort Development Loans
17. Telecom Development Financing
18. Timber & Forestry Lending
19. Transportation Development Financing.

Financial Solutions to advance your Business

we specialize in the areas of;

Project Funding

Maryna Group of Companies is the world's largest funding platform for all commercial & industrial projects, A place where you can get funds for Arena & Recreational Facilities, Hospitals, Health Care, Land and many more.

International Trade

Maryna Group of Companies can help your business go international. Fund the entire supply chain whether it's import, export, talk to our expert team today.

SCOPE Deep, Wide and Diverse

Maryna Group of companies offer unique combination of capacity and capability to serve world governments and high net-worth individuals with its access to $111 billion and diverse skills of professionals to handle large scale projects spreading over various industrial sectors.

Always Exceeding Expectations

As part of an International Financial Consortium, we offers private lending services with personalized service specific to individual needs of a project.

At Maryna Group of companies, customers and their needs always take the central seat in the front room.

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Whether you’re new to investing side of business and just want to learn what it’s all about, or you’re ready to start straight your own Business straight away, we can point you in the right direction.

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